Avonne Brooker-Rutowski

Born deaf to deaf parents, Avonne attended Gallaudet University and graduated with BA in Psychology, followed with her Masters degree in Deaf Education at McDaniel College. She concluded her work at Gallaudet Leadership Institute with an Education Specialist degree. Right after graduate school, Avonne secured her first job as a preschool teacher at Texas School for the Deaf for 8 years. She then became the Principal in Elementary for five wonderful years and was later appointed as Director of Instruction in 2006. With 20 years experience in Deaf Education, she is enjoying her second year as an Outreach Program Specialist where she is a contributing member to the future generation of deaf and hard of hearing children. Avonne is thrilled to be a part of ASDC. Working with a group of eager, passionate, and creative board members is her inspiration! Avonne is also a proud mother of two children (Alexandria, 13 who attends Texas School for the Deaf) and (Andrew, 7 who loves to declare himself as a CODA) residing in Austin with her husband, Paul Rutowski.

Beth S. Benedict, Ph.D.

A professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C., has focused on family involvement in schools with deaf and hard of hearing children, early childhood education, advocacy, early communication, and partnerships between deaf and hearing professionals and early intervention programs and services. Her work has been shared in numerous publications and through her work as a national and international presenter. Dr. Benedict is very involved in different organizations and boards. She is Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing, Past President of the American Society of Deaf Children, on the Council of Education of the Deaf, the Maryland Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Council and actively involved in a variety of other EHDI initiatives. Beth is married to Dwight and has two deaf daughters, Rachel and Lauren.

Carrie Davenport

Carrie is the Early Childhood Education Consultant for the Center for Outreach Services at the Ohio School for the Deaf, located in Columbus. Her job involves providing technical support and resources to early childhood professionals throughout Ohio as well as coordinating conferences and workshops for professionals and families. Carrie earned an Ed.S. in Change Leadership (Gallaudet Leadership Institute), M.A. in Family-Centered Early Education (Gallaudet University), and B.S. in Deaf Education (Bowling Green State University). She serves on Ohio’s Help Me Grow Advisory Council, the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening subcommittee and is a Board member of Ohio Hands & Voices.

Dr. Lisalee Egbert

Dr. Lisalee D. Egbert – As a 3rd generation Deaf person, I am blessed to have a huge loving Deaf and hearing family. I obtained her Ph.D. from Texas Woman’s University with a tri-discipline on Reading/Literacy, Bilingual Education and Deaf Culture. My Ph.D. is one of 6 degrees – I am addicted to learning. Currently, I am professor at California State University, Sacramento and an adjunct instructor at Sierra College where I teach in the Deaf Studies Departments. I am honored to sit on the ASDC (American Society for Deaf Children) and Cal Ed (California Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) boards. I enjoy being an advocate for Deaf child’s education and research specialist for N.A.D.I.N.E (Nation Advocates for Deafness to Inform, Network, and Enrich) and I am the current president Capital Regional CSUN/NCOD alumni chapter in the Northern California. I adore my husband Stephen, who is also Deaf, and our 3 amazing boys.

About American Society for Deaf Children

We believe deaf or hard-of-hearing children are entitled to full communication access in their home, school, and community. We also believe that language development, respect for the Deaf, and access to deaf and hard-of-hearing role models are important to assure optimal intellectual, social, and emotional development.  Read More

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